Innovation is at the heart of getting better, more effective solutions for the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It is what Medwiser is focused on. Vaccine research is one part of a larger strategy to combat the HIV virus in the longer term. Given its challenges, experts have been thinking more broadly about how else we can eradicate AIDS from the planet before a vaccine is available. How can we start today to eradicate the virus?

HATS Technology

HATS is online software developed by Medwiser to help increase HIV testing. HATS provides innovation to facilitate bringing HIV testing to scale, thereby improving performance of existing HIV services, processes and models of operation. Learn more about HATS here.

Cure for AIDS

There is no cure–yet. Experts believe an integrative strategy incorporating HIV prevention and disease isolation as well as vaccine R&D is the best way to win the battle against AIDS. A large focus of this strategy includes scaling up HIV testing and early treatment of infected persons. Technology can play a large role in achieving these goals.

HIV Testing

HIV testing has been identified as a key area of curbing the epidemic. Learn about some of the barriers to testing and solutions that have been proposed.


Shortly after discovery of the virus optimism about a vaccine was rampant. Why has development of a vaccine been so difficult? Here is a basic explanation about what is so different about vaccine development for the AIDS virus.

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