The power of volunteers

Medwiser’s greatest force is the community of volunteers from around the globe, whose collective energy, drive and determination cannot be stopped.  

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Meade

We are a global group of committed individuals that know we can change the world! Medwiser is different from other nonprofits. We develop free content and technology. We are driven by a global community of volunteers, all dedicated to stopping the spread of disease. We are now part of a group of non-profit organizations that develop educational content, conduct research and engage in public health activities related to Addiction, Cancer, Headache, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Medical Marijuana, Neurology and Sleep disorders. We are helping to match these organizations with volunteers who can make an impact.  Now our focus is on Coronavirus.

Get Started to Help Stop Coronavirus – True Grassroots

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to assist. We can use as much help as possible. We are up against the clock.

Our goals is to save millions of lives

How? Get the government to adopt specific policies and educate the public to wear face coverings.

Why? After a deep review of all the science, it is a no-brainer to implement. Even if you think it might stop only 2% of infections, that could translate into saving 1 million lives. Even if you don’t think it will work, it still makes sense because both the risk and cost are low, while the potential reward is great. But I believe there is a good chance that it could change the entire trajectory of the virus if we act fast.

We need grassroots to achieve these objectives. If we achieve this objective in 1 day great, we have accomplished all of our work! 

What you can start doing immediately before I speak with you (because I probably will not be able to speak to everybody as soon as I would like):
1. If you are on social media: get as many people to see this article and advise them to do the same (ALSO PLEASE READ THIS SINCE ITS IMPORTANT YOU UNDERSTAND AND IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE OR SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT)
2. If you have any celebrity contacts reach out to them and get them involved
3. If you have contact lists of media you can share it

4. If you are media, post and write about it, if you can get me on the phone with the newsroom, I am game

What we are fighting against is:
1. Fake News & Health Policy geared towards preventing mask hoarding
2. Time – we are looking at doubling rates of the virus every 6 days
3. Overwhelmed public officials (it is practically impossible to get anyone to stop and think)
4. New virus so there are no experts. It’s easy to make a mistake that could cost lives
What I have done so far:
1. Prior to Coronavirus I happened to have been researching filters and masks for lead for about 2-3 weeks leading to a lot of relevant knowledge that the average physician would not know about (it is more engineering)
2. Since Coronavirus Outbreak, I have repurposed website towards Coronavirus
3. Created content for health officials and the public & attempted to reach media, government
4. Created videos on youtube @
5. Created media lists and emailed over 80 individuals
If you can help, please get started. No amount of hours is too little, but the more you can contribute the better. If you’re not interested, I understand. I am working on this around the clock, full time.
Who am I? Dr. Michael Morgenstern.
Why do I think I know better? I don’t. Yes, I am credentialed as a double board certified neurologist, but that is not as relevant as the fact that I have read through every article relevant to coronavirus and virus spreading and masks I could find before making these recommendations.


Coronavirus threatens life as we know it. Projections range but up to 2.5 billion infections and 50 million deaths is possible worldwide.