Medwiser is different from almost every other nonprofit organization. Medwiser’s content is free to use by anyone or any organization. We are driven by a global community of volunteers– all dedicated to stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

Dr. Michael Morgenstern – Founder & Chief Executive Volunteer

Dr. Michael Morgenstern is a double board certified Neurologist, an inventor, philanthropist, social entrepreneur and the founder and Chief Executive Volunteer of Medwiser, a non-profit organization devoted to the prevention of infectious disease since 2005.

Dr. Morgenstern previously worked for Northwell Health and as the director of a sleep lab at a private practice on Long Island. Prior to his establishment of Medwiser and prior to medical school, while in college, he launched a successful startup–which still exists today–and has helped thousands of individuals worldwide.

Dr. Morgenstern is a member of the American Academy of Neurology, American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Medical Director of Morgenstern Medical, in New York. He is actively involved in research that focuses on the development and application of artificially intelligent diagnostic technology. He writes occasionally, remains one of the most viewed authors on Quora in Sleep Science and has published a medical textbook chapter on sleep apnea,  several peer-reviewed publications on the diagnosis of sleep disorders, sleep apnea and diabetes, sleep apnea and neuromuscular disease as well as several white papers on several topics.