About us


Medwiser is a nonprofit dedicated to providing insightful and innovative solutions to the prevent the spread of disease. Our people are volunteers from all over the world, with diverse educational and professional backgrounds and a goal to prevent global pandemics.

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Medwiser is focused on the prevention of global disease.

We began in 2005 and an organization helping to defeat HIV/AIDS. Today we are part of a group of non-profit organizations that develop educational content, conduct research and engage in public health activities related to Addiction, Cancer, Headache, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Medical Marijuana, Neurology and Sleep disorders.

Who are we?

Dr. Michael Morgenstern was the first volunteer in 2005. Medwiser is led and operated by volunteers who think big and know we can make a difference. Learn more about other volunteers here.

What are we doing?

Focusing all efforts on Coronavirus for the time being and actively working on sharing information and ideas to help save millions of lives.

Advisors of past & present

Many volunteers have made meaningful contributions in the past as advisors of our organization. 


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