About us


Medwiser is a nonprofit dedicated to educating, enabling, empowering individuals to be healthier. We have worked together with others from all over the world, with diverse educational and professional backgrounds on our shared goals. 

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Medwiser is focused on making the world more healthy.

We began in 2005 and an organization helping to defeat HIV/AIDS. Since then we have created a variety of content in forms such as blogs, interactive tools, lectures, presentations, video and white papers on many topics across the healthcare spectrum.

Public health: opioid crisis, covid pandemic, disease screening, vaccination

Conditions: chronic pain, headaches, HIV, sleep disorders

Alternative treatments: cannabinoids


Established in 2005, Dr. Michael Morgenstern has led and operated the organization and has worked with others who think big and know we can make a difference.


Focusing efforts on sharing information and ideas to help save lives.


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