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The global AIDS epidemic impacts every aspect of society. There is no greater threat to life as we know it. From education to economy, friends to family, no area or relationship is spared. Below is an overview of how the AIDS crisis is impacting several regions.

HIV/AIDS in America’s

AIDS in USA 6 %

*AIDS in Brazil (p)

*AIDS in Central America

AIDS in Caribbean 6%

AIDS in Latin America 6%

HIV/AIDS in Africa

*AIDS in Africa 6%

*AIDS in South Africa 6%

HIV/AIDS in Asia

*AIDS in Central Asia

*AIDS in China 1-% 2-p

*AIDS in Middle East (p)

AIDS in India 5 %

*AIDS in Thailand

HIV/AIDS in Europe

*AIDS in England

*AIDS in Central & Western Europe

*AIDS in Eastern Europe

*AIDS in Russia

*AIDS in Ukraine 5%











Middle East





The first step in combating any preventable health problem — whether it’s obesity, tobacco use, malaria or HIV — is education. But Medwiser recognizes it is not enough to simply make people aware of HIV, its dangers, and ways to prevent it. Medwiser is comprised of volunteers from around the world committed to bringing our mission to action. To ensure that the future will be brighter, Medwiser is creating dynamic content capable of preventing disease, saving lives and fostering social progress. Beyond providing education, our online social networks will create an experience capable of empowering volunteers to combat ignorance with information, stigma with friendship and despair with hope. By creating connections between individuals and facilitating communication between countries and across the world, Medwiser is enabling contribution at any time and from anywhere to take part in the global movement to fight AIDS