Facts & Overview

Educate yourself about the HIV/AIDS virus, HIV testing and what it means to be HIV positive. Learn about some easy things you can do to prevent yourself or loved ones from getting the AIDS virus.

What is HIV?


Some basic information about HIV/AIDS.

Causes and Transmission

HIV Causes

HIV is the virus. AIDS is the syndrome. Learn how they’re related.

Is HIV/AIDS a problem in the USA?

Some people believe that AIDS is under control in the USA. This is why they are dead wrong.

HIV and AIDS Basics

Exactly what are HIV and AIDS?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection – Spread

How does HIV infect so many people?

NO HIV IS NOT spread by…

Can HIV be spread from a mosquito bite? What about a kiss from someone infected with the AIDS virus?

Are you at risk?

Should I get an HIV test?

Learn about why it is a good idea for everyone to get at least one HIV test.

Risky Behavior for HIV/AIDS 

Some behaviors can increase your risk of getting HIV.  There are many steps you can take to prevent HIV infection to reduce or even eliminate your risks of viral transmission.

HIV prevention

AIDS Prevention

For every way that HIV can spread it can just as easily be prevented. Learn about the different ways.