An AIDS Vaccine is one of the best hopes in eliminating HIV/AIDS. However, numerous challenges exist to it’s development. The virus is different from others. This has led to new approaches to vaccine development. It has also led to the realization that HIV prevention needs to be increased and improved to eliminate the virus.

The search for the AIDS vaccine

Different types of vaccines have been tried. Learn more about broadly neutralizing antibodies and newer vaccines in development.

The science behind vaccine development

This article explains the different types of vaccines and how they try to defeat HIV.

The STEP Trial and Thai trial

Disappointments and success in HIV vaccine development are discussed here.

HIV Diagnosis: the starting point

This article explains why HIV testing plays a key role in ending the HIV epidemic.


How can technology help implement change and stop disease?

HIV prevention strategies

Proven prevention methods are being implemented to halt the spread of the virus. Learn more about these advances and prevention strategies.