Volunteers for Medwiser have been involved in a broad spectrum of work related to HIV prevention. However, at this time we are focused on three specific projects for volunteers.

HATS – The HIV AIDS Test Screening Software

HATS is online software developed by Medwiser to help increase HIV testing. In moments, HATS can survey an individual, providing them with a report if they require an HIV test. Based on current guidelines, nearly 200 million Americans should be tested for HIV test. HIV testing is one of the most important tool in combating the AIDS epidemic. However, there are numerous challenges to scaling up HIV testing in the United States. Hopefully, HATS can help!

Volunteers have already contributed thousands of hours to help design this software. A multidisciplinary team of advertising executives, animators, attorneys, graphic designers, marketers, physicians, researchers, security experts, software engineers, and others have participated thus far, playing important roles in the development effort.

HATS is almost ready for takeoff! The majority of work that remains pre-release is related to trying out the software and setting up the infrastructure for social networks to get others to use it.

Health Related Content

Sixty percent of young people lack the basic knowledge about HIV necessary as a prerequisite for preventing transmission. Our goal is to create enriched content that is formed by individuals from around the globe to serve as a resource to prevent the spread of HIV around the world. Importantly, we wish to call for people with HIV/AIDS, and those without, to get involved in one of the greatest health challenges in history.

At Medwiser, we take a scientific approach to creating content. First, we rely on evidence based data. Secondly, we analyze our content using numerous metrics that take accessibility, originality and readability  into account.  Volunteers from all walks of life and from across the globe have made contributions towards our content. Our latest content will appear with our new websites release, planned for sometime in June of 2013.


Can technology change healthcare? Stop HIV? Help diagnose disease? Guide patients to get the right tests? These are questions Dr. Michael Morgenstern and his research staff care to answer. Having recently made several submissions to peer-reviewed journals, a team of research assistants work closely with Dr. Morgenstern to research and develop artifically intelligent technologies in several overlapping areas including:

  • Infectious Disease
  • Public Health
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Headache
  • Stroke