As the holidays and new year approach, I want to thank all of the volunteers who have helped support Medwiser in the past year.

Medwiser has achieved some pretty awesome things in 2013. I am sure it will be a year we will look back on proudly.

Here are just some of the amazing things we have accomplished:

Launched an awesome new website

In June re-launched and nearly a month after traffic to the website skyrocketed!

Created impressive content

Viewed by over 8000 users a month, the content on has engaged readers better than articles published on popular websites such as CNN, FoxNews or the Wall Street Journal. See the real stats in action with this great infographic.

Developed the ground breaking HATS technology

To fight AIDS, HATS technology employs artificial intelligence to securely develop a micro-infrastructure for scaling up HIV testing. Learn more about HATS here. Alternatively, take HATS and help us fight AIDS by sharing it with others.

Empowered over 100 volunteers

In 2013, over 100+ volunteers helped Medwiser to fight AIDS and gained valuable experience in highly specialized areas such as management, strategy, computer programming, app development, marketing and more.

Maintained high levels of cost-efficiency

Launching technology is expensive. Recent publications of the expenses for show expenses in the hundreds of millions. While we don’t pretend to be nearly as complex as, considering everything we have done in 2013, it wouldn’t be surprising if we also spent millions of dollars. However, Medwiser spent less money in 2013 then the average family spent on internet, cable and phone service!

I can only attribute this overwhelming success to the power of dedicated and inspiring volunteers who make up Medwiser.


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