How to Stay Safe and Lower Coronavirus Anxiety

August 20, 2020

Staying safe and remaining calm during a pandemic might seem difficult or even contradictory. How can you stay calm when you have to make a decision that can affect your life or the lives of those you love? It’s only natural, even sometimes helpful, for dangerous situations to provoke some fear and anxiety. But in addition to taking steps to stay safe, identifying when something is more or less dangerous, can reduce our overall anxiety. Not every situation or decision we make is a life-and-death one, even if sometimes, it feels that way. Which situations are more or less dangerous? This excellent video, can help provide some context about high and low risk situations and give you confidence and knowledge that can help you feel less anxious.

I recently shared the video on Twitter and provided some comments in a series of tweets which I’ve shared below.

Reducing Risk and Anxiety During Coronavirus (Tweets)

Some places that are opened are still risky: Just because a salon or restaurant is open (or because others are doing it) doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Consider making decisions with risk management in mind for #COVID-19 in the following manner:

  1. What is More Safe?
  2. What is Less Safe?
  3. How can I do whatever is safest to reduce my overall risk of contracting or spreading #covid?

Factor in how much virus is spreading in your community

It’s safer if #COVID infections in your state aren’t at an all-time high. If #Covid19 infections are relatively high think twice before going out!

Taking part in an activity

Activities are safer when there is more space available so activities outdoor are safer than indoor activities

Eating in a restaurant

Eating in a restaurant is less safe than eating outdoors with others, which is less safe than eating alone. But that doesn’t mean that you should eat alone. This is because it’s safer to be in places where you have more control than places with people you can’t control. Even when you are vigilant in a restaurant by wearing a mask, there is no telling what others will do.

Keep your distance

More physical distance is better than less physical distance. 6-feet is a guide based on how far a droplet might travel but there are times when the droplet & #covid can travel farther.

Strenuous Activity

Activities that might contribute to farther droplet & #covid spread might include: strenuous exercise with rapid, more frequent or louder breathing or going to #Church or other services with singing, chanting or loud recitation of prayers might propel droplets and #covid further.

When things get crowded

If you are indoors it is safer to be in a space that isn’t crowded. If it’s getting crowded…get out!

Limit your time around others or in confined space

If you are around others it’s safer to keep that time limited. That is what makes things like going to a hair dresser less safe–your time of exposure is prolonged. Confined spaces like airplanes might result in a crowded space, without distance and an inability to stay in control or to limit your time of exposure.

Stay away from Sick People

It’s safer (but not risk free) to be around someone who doesn’t have symptoms. Up to 40% of #COVID19 may be spread from asymptomatic individuals. That means 60+% is from symptomatic spread & these individuals are likely to be spreading even higher amounts of virus

Facemasks are a great but you don’t always have to wear one

Err on the side of caution & wear a #facemask but there are times that you can probably take it off safely like when you are alone outdoors (like going out for a jog) and there aren’t many people around. You might also be OK taking off the #facemask when you are with others in your household when

  1. you are already in close contact
  2. you are all healthy and not showing symptoms
  3. you don’t have #covid

It’s probably fine to go outdoors with your spouse and children who you live with, when everyone is healthy. On the other hand, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind whether COVID-19 is currently spreading in your community even when you are spending time with those in your household.

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