What are we doing

Medwiser is focused on using technology to increase efficiency and help people and organizations realize their potential to fight AIDS in several key areas:

  • HIV testing
  • Education
  • Empowering others

Development of innovative technology

HATS is an online application developed by Medwiser to help HIV screening and testing be brought to scale. Learn more here about how networks of existing HIV services and operations will be strengthened by HATS.

Efficiency of implementation

Health care costs are one barrier to fighting disease. Expensive drugs and particularly the expense of implementing infrastructure are barriers to AIDS care. At Medwiser we are focused on the highest impact solutions to cut costs and deliver greater care simultaneously.

Empowering people across the globe

Medwiser has been operated by volunteers from across the globe since our founding.  This work has led individuals from across the world  in anyplace or timezone help fight AIDS.

Interactive educational content

Since 2006, Medwiser has developed web-based content designed to be accurate, actionable, complete and customized to be understood by multiple populations. The educational content development process included artificially intelligent analysis utilizing software capable of ensuring the content would be understood by more individuals. Posted on traditional websites as well as wiki’s (platforms similar to Wikipedia), this content was developed by volunteers and available online for anyone to use for free.

Social networking to fight AIDS

Social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter can empower individuals from anywhere to fight HIV. The past few years have given evidence that these tools can foster social progress. Medwiser realizes that this potential can be harnessed to change high risk behavior, minimizing stigma and foster change when it comes to defeating AIDS.