Medwiser was founded to educate, enable and empower individuals worldwide to prevent the spread of HIV.

To fight HIV in a wiser way, Medwiser is all about using technology to help people and organizations realize their potential to fight AIDS. We are currently planning the development of social networks to provide social support and reduce stigma. Apps like HATS to increase screening and testing. Websites-where online collaboration generates customized educational content. And nonprofit software to help organizations evaluate and improve performance. Through the creation of these web and mobile tools, Medwiser hopes to strengthen existing networks of HIV education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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About us

For some basic facts about who we are & what we’re doing.


Medwiser is developing technology to help stop HIV/AIDS. A comprehensive strategy for testing, technology and research, including vaccine development is needed. It’s explained here.


AIDS is a local emergency and a global epidemic. Information about the HIV virus & the global AIDS epidemic including AIDS in Africa and other regions of the world can be found here.


Medwiser’s volunteers are leaders from all walks of life. How do they get involved & what are they working on now?